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TermsRules of procedure for all usersnot

Rules of procedure for all users


1° The lifejacket is made available to each customer and the wearing of the lifejacket is compulsory for children under one meter and this free of charge on request.

2° Dangerous maneuvers such as intentional collisions between kayaks and canoes are strictly prohibited. Any damage will be charged to you at cost.

3° It is strictly forbidden to make fire.

4° It is forbidden to throw rubbish, rubbish and waste of all kinds elsewhere than in the bins or collectors placed for this purpose.

5° The operation of radios, pick-ups and other sound devices cannot disturb the neighbourhood.

6° It is forbidden to disturb the tranquility of the places crossed and to harm the local fauna or flora.

7° Formal prohibition to disembark outside the authorized areas. (blue panel)

8° Wild camping is strictly prohibited.

9° It is forbidden to uproot or destroy vegetation.

10° Avoid approaching the banks or hitting them.

11° Avoid scraping the gravel pits.

12° Respect sinners and stay away from them.

13. Respect the tranquility of the place you are in a natura 2000 area where it is preserved.

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